The thought of Simply Rent came to me back in 2015 when my family and I decided to move to the country area rather than the suburban city area. I wanted my children to go to a smaller school and see the country life. When we purchased our home with approximately 3 acres I wanted to rent a bush hog to clear out some brush. Well, the only bush hog available was in the repair shop and was 15 to 20 miles away. I didn’t want to buy this type of equipment if I was only going to use it one time and had to store it with limited storage space.

As I’m driving around the countryside and local area, I’m noticing all sorts of items sitting around collecting dust and never being moved for years.

Lead to an idea 

So, I thought about a rental website that the locals could use to rent their personal items out to the neighbors or even the city folks nearby. Turned out to be too expensive. A few years later, I thought, why don’t we try an APP for Simply Rent.

 So, here we are today, and I hope the community finds Simply Rent useful and helpful in any of your upcoming rental projects.

Jeff – Owner SimplyRent LLC

How it Works

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